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Taxi market has drastically changed during the last years. Few years ago supraregional, national or international players had minimal significance in this business sector. This fact is totally different today due to the introduction of Smartphone technology and APPs in the life of the commuters and the growing impact of limousine service offerings. At the moment there are some established “global players” that are financed by venture capital. New economy has reached the taxi sector and challenges exiting players.

About NexTTaxi

NexTTaxi is 100% Greek company which has its registered office and tax base in Athens. One of its most important missions is to provide reliable taxi services, focusing on safety and satisfaction for its customers. Our long experience in the field of businesses and new technologies and our current agreements with renowned companies in the taxi industry, are key components of our success. We understand the current constant changing needs of the taxi driver and we give innovative solutions using the most modern equipment.

The philosophy of NexTTaxi is governed by professionalism, flexibility and love for each client with whom we are building trust.

Partnering with taxi.eu (the biggest European taxi network), our company developed and adapted to Greek taxi market particularities such as translating in Greece the software code of the common system that the network uses , in order to make available the number one and most widely known around Europe taxi application in Greek language too. Therefore, all users have at their disposal one taxi-app for Europe, with Greece being the most recent addition to taxi.eu network, and the drivers can exploit the benefits of the fact that tourists are able to use in Athens the best taxi-app that already trust in Europe. Each one of the users have the ability to read the app in one of the nine available languages of the customer and driver app.

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