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Our experience is our guide

1982 Founding of Austrosoft® Weiss in Vienna launching pioneer systems for that period of time (radio taxis, automated dispatch, fleet management).

1986 Enrichment of the first taxi systems with the options of trip dispatch and data monitoring.

1989 Appliance of the trip’s management systems in cooperation with the biggest radio taxi centers in Austria, Germany and Switzerland.

1995 Over 16 dispatch centers has adopted the FMS operational system throughout Europe.

1996 – Up to date we have raised the number of dispatch centers/partners to 131 and expanded our presence in 13 countries all over Europe.

2001 Founding of FMS GmbH and the brand of is gradually embodied to all the European taxi fleet.

Our family

131 dispatch centers throughout Europe presence in 13 countries με technical departments and call centers a total of over 100 European cities for placing trip orders through phone and the app cooperation with 4.000 radio taxi call canters in equal number of cities for placing orders through phone only (available information through the app) over 50% market share (on average) per country 160.000 taxi drivers members and 62.000 taxi vehicles connected to our network

Our clients

over 3.500.000 downloads of app with more than 200.000.000 potential users as a whole through the implementation and management centers made annually 300.000.000 successfully orders exceeding 98%

International Network

International Road Transport Union

Deutscher Taxi- und Mietwagenverband e.V

IRU Global Taxi Service Quality Networks operates continuously in conjunction with its partners for the creation of a global network to protect the taxi industry. As a founding member of the «IRU Global Taxi Service Quality Networks» (GTN) and the «Deutsche Taxi-Netzwerks» (DTN), supports the Further development of European quality standards in passenger transportation. The standards of the «IRU Global Taxi Service Quality Networks» (GTN) and the «Deutsche Taxi-Netzwerks» (DTN), manifest the service demands of the European taxi trade. Through the integration of these strong partners, the quality standard, the safety of customers and the protection of the industry is consolidated.

What is GTN initiative;
The IRU Global Taxi Service Quality Network (GTN) is a network of taxi industry federations (members) and taxi app providers (Partners). Partners are certified by the federations as meeting a list of pre-defined GTN quality criteria. company is a founding member of the network GTN. Threfore NexTTaxi, as a premium partner of, is the only company in Greece related to this top certification and the positive effect it has in the final service that a customer receives.

What is the aim of the initiative GTN?
The GTN has been created to promote legal, reliable, high quality and safe services to taxi customers by making use of the latest technology related to smartphone applications for taxis, in full respect of the regulatory framework in force.

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