Corinth - Loutraki - Epidaurus - Mycenae - Nafplio

The Peloponnese is considered one of the most beautiful areas of Greece. The blue sea in accordance to greenery, compose a great harmonic picture. The area has an atmosphere that reflects the glorious past, and many areas are inextricably linked with the Greek history.

The Corinth Canal is an attraction for visitors, who always take photos of that great scene, while a few kilometers further Loutraki awaits visitors to tell his story. The area is known from ancient times for its hot sources water, and since 1925 is recognized as a spa therapy area.

Epidaurus is known for its ancient theater and the Asklepieion, the place which according to the legend, cured hundreds of patients from all regions of Greece. Asklepieion was dedicated to Asclepius, who was a god therapist and son of the god Apollo. The theater of Epidaurus is considered the most beautiful and the most well preserved ancient theater of Greece, and has the best acoustics, fact relevant to its genius manufacturing. From ancient times until today, the scene has hosted some of the most important plays and shows in the world.

City – state “Rich Mycenae”, was the richest and most powerful city in ancient Greece, during the period when king was the famous Agamemnon. He was so powerful that the specific chronological period was called "Mycenaean period". Everyone knows the name of King Agamemnon, his significant role and part he played to make the rest Hellenes participate in the Trojan War, the decision to sacrifice his daughter Iphigenia to appease the goddess Artemis and also his murder of his wife Clytemnestra. Mycenae is an attraction for tourists, for its history as well as for its architectural structure.

Nafplio is one of the most beautiful corners of Greece. It combines the old with the new, is surrounded by sea and there stands Bourtzi , a small island in the harbor of Nafplio. Palamidi fortress can be found  on the highest point of the city and has 999 steps that attracts the interest of the visitor. Bourtzi is a beautiful Venetian fortress and Palamidi passed into history, since there was prisoned one of the leading protagonists of the Greek revolution, Theodoros Kolokotronis.

Duration 8-9 hours

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