Ancient Olympia

Ancient Olympia. It all started here…. It was one of the most sacred centers of ancient Greece, since here was worshiped god Zeus, father of gods and men. Inside the homonymous temple could be found the gold and ivory statue of Zeus, which was created by Phidias and is now considered one of the seven wonders of the ancient world.

In Olympia took place the first Olympic Games in 776 BC. The spirit of sportsmanship that traveled around the world was born here. The prize for the winners was an olive wreath, called "kotinos." The name of the winners “travelled" around the country and became "immortal" in the minds of citizens! It was a great honor, just like today. From ancient Olympia begins its international journey the Olympic Flame. It points out the beginning of a series of opening events until it reaches the official stadium of the country that holds that year the Olympic Games so as to light up the main event before the games start. Wining one of the three metals during the games is the biggest dream of every athlete worldwide. A visit to Ancient Olympia reveals one of the most brilliant pieces of history.

Duration 9-10 hours

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