Delphi - Arachova Tour

At the foot of Parnassus, someone can vist the most famous sanctuary of ancient Greek culture, the Oracle of Delphi that was dedicated to Apollo . Many myths were based on prophecies that gave Pythia, the priestess of Apollo.

Delphi was the navel of the world. According to Greek mythology, Zeus sent two eagles from the edge of the world to find its center of the world. When the two eagles met over Delphi, he decided that this was the center.

The history of Delphi goes back in centuries, but everyone knows Pythia and her oracles, which in most cases were very enigmatic. Before each oracle Pythia, washed, and drank water from the spring Castalia, chewed laurel leaves - or oleander such speculation - and went up on a tripod. From the tripod came fumes from burning of various herbs and when Pythia reached an “ecstatic” level after breathing those fumes, she started speaking incoherently . The oracles were always ambiguous.

A few kilometers further on, is the area of Arachova that is a winter meeting point. It has some of the best mountain hotels and ski resorts.

Duration 7-8 hours

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